Hair or head rights?

​One of many responsibilities we have as parents is to guide, mould, shape and lead our children. We have to teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. We have to ensure that when they leave our homes in the morning, we are not ashamed of who they are or what we will hear of them when they come back.

We have to take blame for our failure to be there for them when they need us the most and never shift the responsibility of being good parents to them, to other stakeholders.

Their upbringing is our priority, their flaws are a reflection of what we have done or what we should have done.

If you have done everything right, or at least, all you possibly could then you won’t be guilty of your children’s wrong doing. However, if you know there’s anything you didn’t do don’t blame those who did or who are trying to.

We send children to school, to learn and not to run school. Not to alter how schools (should) operate. Of course, this mustn’t be viewed as a shade to anyone but just as a plain opinion seeking the role of parents in all this.

Why do we send our learners to schools if we are not happy with how these schools operate? Why do we subject children to something we have failed to deal with in the first place? Why don’t we point at us and say we have failed right there?

The finest gold we see today has gone through fire. If we extinguish the fire we might as well kiss our golds goodbye. I thank you. 

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South Africans, we are a beautiful country, full of opportunities or at least, used to be full. We have a chance to restore that or let slip in our fingertips. 

Political parties are doing what they know best – selling pipe dreams. Wake up and wise up! Do you really believe that it is possible to have all that they are talking about within the given specifications? I honeatly it is. It’s possible. It’s doable and it could be done.

It could only be done through clean governance, clean administration and clear communication. Any party that won’t feed their own first, leadership that prioritises its people over its pockets, could give us all this and more.

South Africans, you have the power to do right. Use it. So many people are clinging to certain parties not because they value and appreciate what that party has done but simply because they stand a better chance of fattening their pockets when associated with such party/ies. Do right not only for you but your neighbour as well.

Electioneering will always be there but how you vote will make a difference. 

Don’t boo, vote ! Your vote will determine whether we are moving forward or slowly declining. It’s all I’m your hands. I love you, RSA.

Mr. Exx 

Life is not for the faint hearted

Dear SA

I just wanna congratulate everyone who has worked very hard and contributed well in his or her community. It’s people like you that make the world the better place that it is today.

However, there are still those who believe it is their duty to rob others, participate in bogus activities, scams and thuggish deeds. We don’t need these hooligans in our planet. We wanna live in a society where everyone is free and safe. When we are all brothers and sisters. Where love is the only language known. Can we have that please?

For how long are we gonna suffer in the hands of criminals?
For how long are we gonna have sleepless nights, wondering when are the burglars gonna come and take our belongings, or even our lives for what we have worked so hard for?
When will we enjoy each other’s company without looking over the shoulder?
When will we give one another hugs without fearing being stabbed by the same person you are hugging? Is this really what we it was meant when we were declared a democratic state?

When will we live our lives without fears? When will our children grow with their brothers, uncles etc without being victimised, raped, enslaved?
When will we not worry about human trafficking?
Are we really free?



Xanko V
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Marikana Report or No report at all?

From what has happened today, I won’t be surprised if the Marikana report isn’t released at all.

If it happens that it gets to be released, I won’t be amazed to learn that the president won’t find any wrong doing on the side of the police. #PayBackTheFavour.

He will still be hearing Nhleko’s voice as he acquitted any commitments he ought to have had of paying some of the money spent on his home in Nkandla.

Marikana mineworkers died brutally at the hands of police and no one is of yet found guilty of wrong doing. No one. Not a single person  even though many families lost loved ones,  brothers, and breadwinners.

We are a vision less country. REST in peace Marikana workers


Yesterday we witnessed the president dancing and laughing as he took a swipe at the good friends of theirs, the opposition. He was in a jovial mood you would swear he is high on something. He cited that the Nkandla debacle got every so glued to the extent that even those who didn’t know how to pronounce it have learnt how to. Nkandla, Nkandla, Nkandla, he said they are so obsessed so much that even when serious matters are being discussed they would jump in and utter Nkandla from nowhere.

Today the 28th of May 2015, Minister of Police,  Nkosinathi Nhleko released a report. In the report, this so called minister, said that the president isn’t liable to pay anything back as everything that was done at Nkandla was for security reasons. Really?  Chicken huts are security features? Swimming pools are security features? Kraal are security features?  Really Nkosinathi Nhleko?  And you expect us to refer to you as the minister of police? Rhaaaaaa uyobanguminister phaya kowenu! Nxa….. R246 million is being used unfairly and you come here to claim that all those things are security measures. What do you take us for? What’s even worse is the fact that you lie in front of the whole world. Are you gonna be able to sleep tonight?  Is this how much you are protecting your president at the expense of all the poor South Africans?

I wonder how long are you gonna be the minister and still enjoy the benefits of lying for the president. You will soon be kicked out of that office. I’m looking forward to hearing that you have tendered in your resignation letter as the shadow oops acting oh no sorry as the minister of police or propaganda. I’m sick

South Africans do we really know who is running our country?


A haphazard discovery that would strike the absolute fear in me took place earlier this week. Whilst looking for information on the Department of Justice site I stumbled on the Minster’s profile and thought wonderful, we can actually get more insight on what our country’s leaders are about. I looked at Minister Jeff Radebe’s academic and career history, I was satisfied and really proud to have him as a minster in our cabinet. I then moved on to the deputy minister, Andries Nel, still I was very content in the accessibility of this information and how I was going scour all the other ministries sites and find a renewed confidence in the capabilities of our leaders in government. My search continued to where I found a list of all the ministries and links to their sites.

I hopped about the different sites reading more profiles until my attention was…

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